About Us

Reut-Sderot is a certified not-for-profit organization which was established in 1993 in the city of Sderot in Israel’s Negev region by the 'Reut' community, started by five founding families; thanks to its strong social agenda Reut's families now numbers almost 400 families. For more than 25 years Reut-Sderot has been promoting programs and services of social welfare, education, and community involvement. Through periods of increased hostilities and missile attacks, providing emotional, logistical, and practical responses to trauma and safe sheltering needs.

The ultimate goal of the Reut-Sderot Association is strengthening community ties, imparting leadership skills, and offering support services that assist youth and families to overcome and manage trauma, deal with social and emotional hardships, and surmount academic challenges. Our organization was selected by the Sderot municipality’s welfare department to address a wide range of social and educational gaps prevalent in the city.

During its years of activity, Reut-Sderot association has received several awards in recognition of the work we are carrying out; a National Education Prize and the Zusman Prize; as part of the municipal forum for activities for the elderly in the city.

Moreover, after a very long, complex and meaningful process, we were awarded by 'Midot' organization a "Midot Seal of Effectiveness". The standard was given to Reut Sderot after the Midot Audit Committee found that we are a non-profit organization that operates in an efficient, effective and professional manner.

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