Trauma Therapy

The Reut Sderot Association provides therapeutic counseling and activities for children at-risk. The children learn to identify and appropriately express their emotions, enabling them to develop other social and personal skills. 

Diverse techniques are employed, including: Artistic therapy- Children benefit from exposure to music, arts, games, and guided movement. Arts therapy is provided to 56 children in small groups of 3-4,allowing for individualized attention, supervision, and progress assessment.

Equine therapy- Children attend a 10-session course in caring for horses and horseback riding. During the course they also strengthen their behavioral skills, learn to cope with new and unfamiliar environments, and experience taking responsibility for themselves and for others.

Surfing therapy- Children with several behavioral issues attend a 10-session therapeutic surfing course. As they learn to balance on the waves, they also cope with uncertainty and a changing environment. This helps them develop confidence, commitment, and determination.

Emotional Resilience Workshop- Taught by a therapist certified in body-spirit work, children learn to cope with stress and fear, a skill that increases their emotional resilience.

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