Bravo Summer Camps

American Jewish leaders agree that summer camp is among a youngster’s most important formative activities. 

This is also true in Sderot, Israel, where terror, on-going terror threats, home dysfunction, and economic limitations, impede many children’s normal development.

Reut-Sderot operates 5 therapeutic centers for 72 children at risk, providing food and creative activities to keep them safe.

Now, we are busy planning this year’s activities to help these children lead more normal lives.

We are proud that 2018 will mark our twelve years of summer camp! And as always, we wish to provide financial assistance to Sderot families unable to provide their child a positive summer camp.

Camp activities will include: breakfast and lunch meals, rich and experiential activities on 70 years of state; The children will visit places that mark milestones in the rebirth of the State of Israel and will also include family day, theater and field trips.

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