Dear Friends,


Palestinians in Gaza fired a salvo of rockets at the border town of Sderot on Saturday evening, with two of the rockets hitting a home and a synagogue. Three Israelis were moderately wounded.

This was the most extensive daytime assault since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.

The residents of Sderot, who haven’t slept for two nights in a row due to the many sirens and rockets firing, are in a state of intense anxiety. The trauma and anxiety have been especially evident among the children. Many children are refusing to go to sleep alone, are suffering from nightmares and bed-wetting, are afraid to leave the house or do things that are usually routine for them. To help the children relieve some of the anxiety and other post-traumatic symptoms, we created emergency kits for them. 

The emergency kits are designed as a first aid for the children and include items like: a coloring booklet, colored pencils, a bottle of water, soap bubbles, a pack of cards, a clicking ball for stress relief and more.

The items inside appear to be simple, but are specially designed to serve children affected by the trauma.


The Reut-Sderot Association has more than a dozen years of experience working with communities and cities during security crises. We step forward during emergencies to help city residents in every way possible. Our organization’s staff and our community’s volunteers have been noted and praised for their dedication and emergency work by Sderot’s mayor and even by Israel’s prime minister.

The cost of one kit is 60 NIS. With your help we can distribute emergency kits to 400 children suffering from post-trauma.

We hope that the kits you will donate will help our children reduce anxiety, trauma and fears they have been carrying for years.

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