About Us

The Reut-Sderot Association was established in 1993 by the Afikim BaNegev community, whose members have come from other locations within Israel to settle in Sderot.
Started by five founding families, thanks to its strong social agenda Afikim BaNegev now numbers 340 families who are committed to social activism for education and disadvantaged and marginalized populations including children and youth at risk.
Reut-Sderot provides educational, social advancement, and leadership programs for the economically disadvantaged and under-educated sectors of Sderot.

The Reut-Sderot Association aims to empower families and underprivileged populations, particularly children and youth at risk.
Our organization was selected by the Sderot municipality’s welfare department to address a wide range of social and educational gaps prevalent in the city.
Our ultimate goal is strengthening community ties, imparting leadership skills, and offering support services that assist youth and families to overcome and manage trauma, deal with social and emotional hardships, and surmount academic challenges.


Since the Reut-Sderot Association’s founding in 1993, more than 40,000 people have participated in our programs. We now operate 15 programs year round, and 4 additional programs that run congruent with the school year. 

In 2015, 2,000 people directly benefited from participating in our programs.  80% of these were under the age of 18. 
We estimate that 1,000 families have been indirectly supported by our programs (16% of Sderot’s overall population). 
10% of our staff positions are volunteers from the Afikim BaNegev community. 24% of our staff positions are filled by local women who we’ve trained for their jobs; many of these women come from underprivileged families and have no other vocational training.

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