Touching the Jewish Spirit

The “Touching the Jewish Spirit” program was established in 2007 to strengthen Jewish identity and promote tolerance and understanding among secular Jewish students.
To - date this program has served over 1,700 students.

As future leaders and citizens of Israel, students require social tools to succeed in Israel’s economic and political systems, regardless of their personal opinions, beliefs or religious practices.
The program promotes strengthened Jewish identity, which has led to bridging social and religious gaps in Israel.
The staff delivers a curriculum which: promotes meetings between different population sectors; sharpens listening skills;
develops patience; teaches communication styles; and celebrates a variety of Jewish cultural and religious texts, traditions and customs. 

The curriculum strengthens students’ Jewish identity which, both strengthens Jewish Israelis as a people and a nation, and individually deepens each student’s personal Jewish identity.

In its 9th year of operation, the over 500 annual participants are students 20-38 years old, who come from Southern Israel:
Hof Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Sderot, Netivot, Kiryat Gat and Dimona.

Participants attend lessons, lectures, workshops and group discussions on topics of Judaism, current events, ethics and life philosophy.

The participants employ personal study of traditional and modern Jewish texts, directed group study, lectures, discussion groups, problem - solving workshops, creative and experiential workshops, films, and weekly Shabbat evenings or holiday celebrations.

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