Jewish Identity - Children

The 'Afikim' Program recognizes that many children living in Sderot and neighboring kibbutzim come from secular Jewish families 

whose parents immigrated to Israel from all corners of the world: Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. 

The connective thread of this Israeli patchwork is Judaism, expressed in a kaleidoscope of forms - culture, heritage, history and ritual. Our goal is to emphasize the common ground among this diverse Jewish population of children. We accomplish this by accentuating Jewish values and heritage through hands-on methods such as dance, drama, food, music, film, computers, art and song.  

Afikim is not a physical location, but rather a travelling program whose well-trained staff arrives regularly to venues where children already learn together: nursery schools, elementary schools, high schools, and Kibbutz children's houses.

The children’s regular teaching and aide staff become a vital part of the program on activity days. Cultural roots, and connections to one another and to Jewish life and heritage, are strengthened, and children become excited, curious and proud of their shared as well as individual traditions.

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